BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU - A Complete Martial Art
Learn The Martial Art That Started it All in Naples FL

Whether you want to compete in MMA, Submission Grappling, Sport Jiu-jitsu or Not Compete at all, Jiu-jitsu has proven itself to be the Number One Single Martial Art in the MMA arena and an Absolute Necessity for Self Defense; it has been adopted by the Military and a Large Majority of Law Enforcement Agencies. BJJ is an art that can be practiced safely on a daily basis with a reduced risk of injury.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is for Everyone!

Where some other styles require a practitioner to be strong, flexible or fast, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu emphasizes technique over physical attributes and is an art that anyone can do. A Jiu-jitsu practitioner will use leverage and intelligence to defeat a larger opponent, making it a perfect martial art for self defense in situations where you will not have the luxury of knowing your opponent or being matched up according to size before a fight.

Without Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, there would be no such thing as MMA.

The UFC was invented in 1993 by Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) practitioners to showcase their art as the best. In the first few Ultimate Fighting Competitions, BJJ easily came our dominant over all other styles, regardless of size. It wasn't until fighters started adding Jiu-jitsu to their training regimen that other "styles" began to win. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is the most complete and effective single style of martial arts in the world today.

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